18 oktober 2022

Farmaceutisch Medicatieschema

The ambition of this project is to make digital medication schemes drawn up by community pharmacists available to patients and other health care professionals.

Pharmaceutical medication scheme (aka interdisciplinary sharing of pharmaceutical medication schemes in the hub-metahub network).

Pharmaceutical medication scheme 

Scope of the project

(filled in by the invited) 

The ambition of this project is to make digital medication schemes drawn up by community pharmacists available to patients and other health care professionals through the e-health architecture and services in place and based on national standard for data sets and procedures. 832.000 chronic patients have chosen a family pharmacist (huisapotheker / pharmacien de référence) who keeps a medication scheme for theme, based on information available in the Shared Pharmaceutical Record (GFD/DPP), prescriptions and – if available – medication schemes in the vaults.

The project for sharing pharmaceutical medication schemes with patients and other health care professionals should be considered as a step forward in het virtual integration of e-health services in medication management, but clearly not as the endpoint since it does not allow for full interdisciplinary collaboration by means of the same view of the medication records by all health care professionals. It does increase data sharing by community pharmacists to patients and health care professionals and virtual integration of existing authentic sources and flanking services such as Recip-e and MyCareNet. Therefore it may contribute to the VIDIS project and the access to data produced in community pharmacy for patients, medical doctors, hospital staff and all other users of the hospital hubs and/or the soon to be release VIDIS web application. 

Proposed architecture

(filled in by the invited) 

In this project, the Single Message Concept that is integrated in all community pharmacists’ enduser software will be used to collect and store existing digital medication schemes in pharmacists’ patient records through the FarmaFlux architecture in place (the Trusted Intermediate for Pharmacists and the Pharmaceutical Care Data Hub). This PCDH should be connected to the hub-metahub network and/or the VIDIS web application to make this valuable source of information available the users of hospital networks and/or the Personal Health Viewer.

Listing the dependendies on Ehealth/Vault services

(Filled by the invited) 

The project will re-use existing eHealth services and standards such as end user credentials (authentication, therapeutic link and eHealthConsent), end to end encryption, time stamping and of course the metahub.

Consultation by patients and other health care professionals depends on connection and integration in the VIDIS web application and/or the hospital hubs (RSW, RSB, CoZo and VZN).


Contact person 

Marc Buckens

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