23 september 2022

FIP-Congress Sevilla

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Welcome FIP Colleagues!

On this page you can find some extra information regarding our poster presentation.

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>About our team

My name is Hendrik De Rocker, I am a pharmacist and hold the position of Secretary General, @APB, the Association of Pharmacists Belgium.
In this board position, I am mainly concerned with the topics of quality management, the evolution of digitalization/e-health, and new pharmaceutical services such as medication review. My goal is to help the pharmacist meet patient expectations even better in the future by focusing on new types of (digital) services and ensuring low-threshold access to primary care.

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My name is Manon Buyl and I am a pharmacist expert @APB, the Association of Pharmacists Belgium.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me:
Mail, Phone/Whatsapp 

Meet our team

From left to right on the front row: Jan, Arno & Marc
and on the back row: Alain, Boris, Barbara, Manon, Corine, Birgit and Tom.

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Meet our mascot

We created ‘Freddy Flux’ to help explain the digital transformation to pharmacists and other stakeholders in an understandable way, by telling them what new innovations are coming our way and how to put them into practice.

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